Why Real Estate Agents Must Have HONOR

If you asked most real estate professionals, what they heard most often, from both potential homebuyers, as well as other agents, it would probably be, some sort of plea for preferential treatment, often citing how much they want a particular house, etc. However, while agents should remain fair, above – board, and impartial, it should always be remembered, a listing agent’s allegiance must, and should be to his client (the homeowner). This fact is both ethical, as well as legal, yet one often witnesses the nuances of human nature, and someone attempting to manipulate the circumstances, to their best advantage. I feel strongly, this may be one of the reasons, the representatives of this industry, often rate, around the bottom 3, in terms of the public’s perception of honesty and integrity, just slightly above politicians and lawyers. My advice is to seek someone to represent you, who not only has the knowledge and skills, but you feel comfortable with, and possesses the HONOR to consistently do the right thing, rather than the expedient short – cuts!

1. Humanity; honest; heart/ head; honorable: You don’t need someone who is machine – like, to represent you, but one with the humanity, to know what you are going through, and hold your hand, when necessary! Your agent should proceed with a head/ heart balance, balancing the right proportion of logic with emotion! How can anyone have honest, if he isn’t consistently honest? Observe whether an individual makes honorable decisions, and takes honorable actions!

2. Options; opportunities: Possessing honor does not mean avoiding the tough components, or negotiating effectively, on your behalf! Rather, seek someone who will consider options and alternatives, and develop a quality strategy, for you! What opportunities might one avail themselves of, which might best serve your interests?

3. Needs: Before one takes a listing, develops a strategy, and proceeds, he must ask you questions, and according to your needs and priorities. These include: reasons for selling; your priorities; what you want; and be willing to Tell you what you need to know, not just want to hear (TM)!

4. Opinion: You need someone who honestly expresses his opinion, in terms of how your house compares to the competition, including both strengths and weaknesses. He must be honest – enough, to make suggestions, etc. His price suggestions should be based on facts, and he must fully explain his reasons, not merely tell you the outlandishly high price you seek, is warranted, when the market indicates it might not be!

5. Reasoning; rational; rationale; relevant: Are you ready, willing and able to explain your reasoning, thoroughly and completely? How will you articulate your rationale? Is your approach ration, relevant, and in the client’s best interest?